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Monday, June 22, 2020

DIY : DMAE cream

Topical cream that includes DMAE has a great effect on skin. It aids in tightening the muscles that keep your skin looking healthy to diminish the appearance wrinkles, lines, and sagging.

1.  DMAE in dry crystal or powder form, either loose or in capsules that can be opened. One bottle costs around $10 (health food store or online). I buy this 50-capsule bottle at my local Whole Foods for $8.99. (Bluebonnet’s DMAE 100 mg Vcaps are highly concentrated and provide the highest quality DMAE from 2-dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate.)

2.  Any skin lotion or skin cream you already like and use. It can be simple, inexpensive, organic - whatever you and your skin already like.

Mix the ingredients. For every four ounces of lotion, add one and fourth teaspoons of DMAE. Mix well. Keep covered until use.

Apply your DMAE cream daily. As with many cosmetics, be careful not to get any into your eyes. DMAE creams are known to work gradually over time and people report definite results from using it.

    Application of a DMAE-rich topical treatment results in almost instantaneous benefits. The skin looks firmer, lifted, less lined, and smoother. If a pea-sized drop of a DMAE-containing lotion is spread on one side of the face, gently rubbed into the nasolabial fold, around the eye, forehead, under the chin and on the neck, results can be seen in about 20 minutes.

    The side of the face and jaw line with the DMAE will appear more contoured, the eye will be open wider, the nasolabial fold lessened. The effect is dramatic. There will also be an immediate reduction in lines and wrinkles. DMAE is also outstanding in tightening up the dimpled skin on the back of the thighs and the upper arms.

    Other  Benefits
    Continued use of DMAE lightens the age spots that are commonly seen on the face, back of hands and arms. These brown spots are formed from the accumulated lipofuscin deposits in the body. Lipofuscin is a waste product of the cells and usually appears in older people. Aside from the skin, lipofuscin is found in big quantities in the neurons and heart muscles. DMAE acts by flushing lipofuscin out from the body.

    Another age-defying effect of DMAE is its skin tightening action that slows down the inevitable natural sagging of the skin. Aside from plastic surgery, DMAE skin treatments seem to be among the most effective means to lift and tighten the appearance of facial skin.  It's hypothesized that this is because of DMAE’s cell-stabilizing ability, its boosting action on acetylcholine or its capability to banish lipofuscin from the body.