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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anti Aging Skin Care

Face, make up and other skin care products always seem to claim they have anti-aging properties, but do they really? It is important to use a product that is right for your skin type, one that includes anti-aging ingredients, but your skin care routine needs to include all the steps below to truly obtain healthy skin at any age.

1. Cleanse and Exfoliate. The choice of product will depend on your skin type. Some products have many purposes. For example, your cleanser may contain glycolic or lactic acid and act both as a cleanser and exfoliator. Toners can also include ingredients to both exfoliate and balance the PH in your skin. Whatever choice you make for your skin, this step will give you clean, fresh skin with a healthy glow from generating new skin cells at an accelerated pace.

2. Nourish and Moisturize. Look for antioxidants in products. They are everywhere including red wine, turmeric, green tea and other natural extracts. In skincare products, you find them under these names: tocopherol (Vitamin E), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), retinol (Vitamin A), astaxanthin and tocotrienol among others. These ingredients nourish and protect skin from free radical damage, which has a negative effect on collagen and accelerates aging. When you select a moisturizer, select one with antioxidants and the right combination of moisturizing ingredients like hylauronic acid and/ or oils such as evening primrose.

3. Protect. Avoid premature aging by limiting the exposure to the sun which emits ultraviolet (UV) rays. You do need to protect your skin appropriately to avoid aging. Apply SPF daily, every day, even in the winter months. Making this part of your daily skin care routine as the last step in your regimen every morning. If you are in extended sunlight, more than 2 hours, reapply every one to two hours. That is more important than wearing a SPF level greater than 30.