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Monday, January 11, 2021

Dr. Jart+

Dr. Jart+ is a South Korean skin care brand.  The name is an abbreviation of "Doctor Joins Art", which reflects its positioning philosophy as "a fusion of dermatological science and art".

Dr. Jart+'s best-selling products include moisturizers from their Ceramidin and Cicapair lines, "rubber" face masks and BB creams.  The brand is noted as the first to introduce BB creams to the American market in 2011.


Dr. Jart+ is composed of nine lines, each focused on a specific ingredient or skin issue:

  1. Cicapair — utilizes tiger grass (centella asiatica) to "calm redness and soothe irritation"
  2. Ceramidin — 5-Cera Complex (ceramides) to "restore and repair the skin barrier"
  3. Water Fuse — AquaMineral Complex (minerals) to impart skin hydration
  4. BB Cream
  5. Dermaclear — Hydrogen Bio Water (micellar solution) to cleanse, exfoliate skin
  6. Water Drop — hyaluronic acid; features a "unique emulsion system" that "bursts into tiny water droplets"
  7. Peptidin — 8-Peptide Complex (peptides)
  8. Focuspot — patches composed of "micro tips" to target specific conditions
  9. V7 — V7 Multi-Vitamin Complex (vitamin B3, C, F, K3, B5, E, and H)