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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Nails reveal your health

Nails grow at a rate of around 1mm per week - that's twice the rate of toenails - and take around six months to grow from bottom to top. As a result they act as a map revealing your physical health and general well-being.

Depending on their shape, texture and colour, your nails can provide important clues to underlying disorders, food intolerances or nutritional imbalances.

The color of your nails:
Healthy nail beds are pink due to the rich blood supply underneath them.  Any changes in colour are an important indicator of deficiencies, lack of nutrients or more obviously, an accident.

White nails:
Indicate lack of iron and poor circulation where the blood is not reaching the end of your fingers.  Build blood by increasing your magnesium intake.

Dark red nails:
Can result from high content of fatty acids and cholesterol due to excess of dairy, sugar and salt. This can lead to an underactive liver and blocked arteries. We suggest replacing refined foods with whole grain rice and bread. Also flush out the system with plenty of fresh vegetables and at least five glasses of water per day.

Red-purple nails:
Indicate an upset digestive system caused by over consumption of sugar, pharmaceutical drugs, fruits and juices. Avoid tropical fruit - which hold a high content of sugar - and eat plenty of seasonal vegetables, whole grains and pulses.

White Spots:
Show high content of sugar from alcohol, fruit and chocolate. Also indicates lack of zinc which is needed for mineral breakdown in the process of digestion.  Eat zinc-rich foods such as wholegrains and chicken. Also, consider taking zinc supplements.

The texture of nails:
Can also reveal a person's physical and mental condition. We recommend cutting out refined foods, such as sugar and flour, and eating wholegrains, pulses and plenty of fresh vegetables.

Brittle nails:
Indicate liver congestion from lack of vegetables, pulses and fish.

Flaky nails:
Show over-consumption of sugar, additives and pharmaceutical drugs.

Horizontal ridges:
Indicate high levels of stress.

Vertical ridges:
Point to congested liver, kidneys, digestion tract and liver stagnation.

The shape of nails 
According to traditional Chinese medicine the shape of your nails reveal tell tale signs of your innate constitution.

You are harmonious and well balanced.

Stock or square: You are earthy and balanced but mentally rigid.

Long: You are artistic and creative but lack physical strength.

Oval: You are sensitive and have a weak digestive system.