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Monday, September 21, 2020

Boots No7

Boots was launched in 1849 by John Boot, who opened an herbal medicine shop in Nottingham, England. His son Jesse Boot is credited with turning Boots into a large retailer as he embraced traditional medicine at affordable prices. The company grew and expanded over the years, and milestones included the development of ibuprofen in 1969. In 2014 Walgreens acquired a majority stake in Boots, forming the Walgreens Boots Alliance.

What Is Boots No7 Skincare?
The Boots No7 skincare line debuted in 1935 and positioned itself as a prestigious but affordable skincare line. It launched with 11 products and the tagline “the modern way to loveliness”.

What Is Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Serum?
The Protect and Perfect anti-aging line was well received but the game changing moment happened in 2007, when No7 Boots launched its Protect and Perfect Serum, which was formulated to focus on the signs aging, such as fine lines and dark spots. That same year, a BBC Horizon documentary noted that participants who used the serum saw improvement on the appearance of their wrinkles.

What Does Boots No7 Sell?
The Boots No7 collection includes skincare, makeup, brushes as well as a line for men. The lines include Protect and Perfect; Lift and Luminate; Laboratories as well as Restore and Renew, and each collection has its own distinct color packaging.

Arguably the best known Boots No7 products are in the Protect and Perfect line, which includes its blockbuster serum, foundation, sheet masks and creams for the eyes, face, hands and body. The Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Cream is available as a day or night cream, and there is also a sun protection line.